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Creative Health Insurance

Creative thinking is our strength. Our goal is to find ways for you to lower your annual premiums and pay less in taxes so you can put money back in your pocket!

The way we do this is by designing a creative benefit package that meets your needs. Here are a few examples…

FSA – Flexible Spending Account
The Employer saves money on FICA Tax. The Employees save on federal, FICA, state, and local taxes. Monies can be used for medical and/or dependent care out-of-pocket expenses.

Premium Only Plan is used to deduct employee premium contributions, tax-free!

Health Reimbursement Arrangements can be used with any medical plan. The employer can contribute funds and rollover the contributions.

Health Savings Accounts are the best of both worlds. It reduces your premiums, and allows you to deposit money in an HSA with tax-free dollars. The money grows tax deferred and rolls over from year to year. The Employee owns the HSA and has sole responsibility for all record keeping.

The Employer pays only for claims and an administrative fee. Fully self-funded and partially self-funded plans are available. The Employer is protected from large claims by purchasing Stop Loss insurance.

Dual-Option Plans
Dual option plans are available to groups who meet specific enrollment requirements. Employees like this because they have the ability to choose, and Employers like it because they can save money if the options are structured correctly.

We also have the ability to offer…
• Individual coverage with multiple carriers
• Short-term health insurance
• Multiple plan options with selected carriers

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